Tampa Wedding Caterers

Who doesn't like to eat? When you are planning the food to have at your wedding, keep in mind that as long as you get that part right, most of your guests will forgive just about anything else that goes wrong. There is a lot to consider when it comes time to search for and hire a quality wedding caterer. And most people have never had to make such a hire before so that makes information gathering that much more important. You might not end up getting the perfect caterer, but just make sure that the food tastes really good. Consider that food and drink will consume the largest portion of your wedding budget..So, where to begin. We recommend that you start looking around the Tampa area for highly qualified and professional caterers that have experience. You can start with a Google search or you can look on some popular wedding vendor sites or you can just start asking people you know. You should be able to come up with at least 3 to 5 potential caterers. Below, we have provided you with a list of questions and considerations that you will want to present to those candidates that you deem worthy of an interview. These interviews should reveal everything you need to know about each candidate to the point where you will come through the search process zeroing in on an amazing caterer who will make sure your wedding is a smashing success in the food and drink department.

So, you are probably wondering how do you even begin to come up with potential caterers. Well, there are a lot of resources online that list how professional wedding caterers in the Tampa area. You can also take a look at individual websites for caterers. Have a critical eye when you are analyzing a potential caterer's website. Does it look professional? A shoddy looking website is a reflection on an individual or a company. If that is the impression they are willing to put out there to the public, they might be giving subpar catering services as well. When you see a few that look interesting, find out how close they are to your chosen venue. This can be a real plus. When you feel you are ready, start contacting your candidates. Remember, this is similar to an interview for a job so take each meeting very seriously. Don't take anything for granted, you need to ask the most basic questions as well as the more complex ones.

Even though it seems like this issue is obvious, make sure that you ask if they a food service license. Do they have a liquor license? Do they consider themselves a general catering or do they have a cuisine that they consider to be their specialty? If their response happens to be one of your favorite genres like Italian, this could be a very promising sign. Find out what they believe makes them better than any competitors you might consider. For your consideration, one of the highest priorities should be how much experience they have catering weddings. How long have they been doing catering weddings? How many weddings have they catered? Have them tell you about their most challenging wedding and what they did to overcome those challenges. Have them provide you the contact information of a few references that they have worked with in the past. Do not pass up the opportunity to contact these contacts and talk about their own experience with the caterer you are considering. Do your own online search for their name and see if anything negative pops up. This may seem like overkill, but believe us when we tell you that it is all part of doing your due diligence. The last thing that you want is for your guests to have a horrible dining experience and to barley be able to get their food down.

What about guests with special dietary needs? Where will the food be cooked? Find out who will be providing items like tables, chairs, silverware, linens and more? Will it be you, your venue or your caterer? Is this service extra or figured into the overall price? What about gratuity? If they have packages, take a close look. Will they provide food and drink for your entertainment? The answers you get to all of these questions should provide you enough insight in order to make a quality hire.


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