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One of the steps you're going to come across in your wedding planning is finding a DJ. DJ's are one of the non negotiables at a wedding in today's day and age. After all, could you imagine a wedding without music? It would be quite an awkward experience for everybody in attendance! Some couples decide to choose between either a live wedding band or a DJ, while others decide to employ the services of both. We're certain that your reception will benefit from the addition of a Tampa DJ. There's many options to sift through, and that requires some effort on your part. It's important to speak with potential DJ's to ensure that they're on the same page as you when it comes to your Tampa wedding. While interviewing potential wedding vendors can often feel like going on a first date, you'll find that it's something that absolutely has to be done. After all, you wouldn't hire someone at your work without asking them a few questions, right? It only makes sense to ask around in order to find your personal wedding DJ...and that's where we hope to be of assistance! We know it can be a bit overwhelming to try and ascertain what questions to ask, or who to ask them to, and that's why we've decided to create this Tampa wedding guide. One of the first steps to finding a wedding DJ is checking out all of your potential options on a wedding inspiration source online. There are tons in this day and age! We can send you to a friend for a Wedding DJ in Lansing MI if you need one.

Finding the Best Candidate

The easiest way that you can ascertain whether a DJ is worth hiring or not on inspiration sources such as the Knot is to check out their reviews. Many wedding professionals will argue that it's better to hire a DJ who has hundreds of reviews and a slightly lower score rather than someone who has 5 reviews that are all 5 stars. However, if a DJ has just started out, there's only going to be a few reviews regardless...so it's wise to keep all of your options open! Once you've found some DJ's that you think are good for the job, it's time to start asking questions. Be sure to ask them whether or not this is their full time business, if weddings are their specialty, and if they happen to perform at local clubs or bars. This will give you a better idea of their background! Next, ask them how they customize the experience for couples. If a DJ plays the same set list over and over at each wedding, they probably aren't taking the couples taste into account, just their own convenience. Be sure they they're able to help you with specific song requests, as flexibility is key with finding the right wedding vendors! A skilled DJ will accept your "do-play" and "do not play" lists with a smile, after all, it is your money! Follow these guidelines, and we're certain that you're going to end up with the best possible DJ in Tampa!

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